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Lasting Impressions Video

So honored to have Jeff at Sunset Blue Productions make this wonderful video for me showcasing one of the great weddings we were able to work on together!!  Thank you Jeff, I appreciate all of the hard work you do.. you really do capture the day and create a keepsake that lasts forever!! Lasting Impressions […]

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Krystal and Mitch’s Wedding Video

It was such a pleasure to have worked with Krystal and Mitch for the last 2 years.. YES, 2 Years! We always joked that in the time that I was working with them that I had 2 kids.. so it was about time for them to get married!! Planning long distance from Arizona made the […]

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Jenna and Jesse’s Wedding Video

We are so excited to share Jenna and Jesse’s Wedding video from the VERY talented Capture Studios! This wedding will always hold a special place in my heart.. not only because of all of the LOVE that Jenna and her mom poured into personalizing this wedding.. but also because it is right by my hometown. […]

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Two New Great Videos… by Capture Studios

I am so excited to share with you TWO new videos for Capture Studios!! We always love working with these VERY talented guys and it is amazing to sit back and watch all of the details through their eyes!!! Jaclyn and Mark’s video is first up and you can see their wedding photo blog here! […]

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Sara and Keith’s Snowy Wedding Day Video

Anyone who is thinking about having a videographer, but not sure if they can afford one or not.. need to watch this…. It is amazing how the moments are captured so vividly where it looks like the wedding was yesterday!! This wedding was the first BIG snowfall of the year and it makes a gorgeous […]

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