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Happy Valentines Day

I have always love Valentine’s Day. Even when I was single I thought it was a great way to eat chocolate with my girlfriends and watch sappy movies. I am lucky enough to have a job based around love… and I am even luckier to have a life surrounded with love.

To my Valentines.. Andy and Easton.. Thanks for being the amazing men in my life!!!


Photo by Lavie Photography

My Favorite Things..Part 5

The Water…

Some of first and favorite memories of growing up were of swimming. I love to swim… in lakes, pools, bath tubs… anything!!! Countless hours were spent at the local pool in the summer and when I turned 16 there was no question on what I wanted to do… Be a Lifeguard! My favorite places in the country all have one thing in common, they are near bodies of water. We were married in Okoboji, Iowa, my favorite lake while I was growing up, We now live close to Lake Minnetonka and spend countless hours trolling around in the sun and my favorite type of vacations are on large boats while cruising in the Carribean. I feel like there is something very calming about water and I feel very lucky to live in a state with more than 10,000 lakes! My favorite weddings are also near the water. We are lucky enough to help couples plan their dream weddings in backyards and we have planned numerous weddings on Prior Lake and weddings on South Center Lake, Lake Minnetonka and even Lake Superior!

My favorite things for the water are


  1. A well-broken in Adirondack Chair to sit by the water and relax
  2. I love my Havaiana’s flip flops. I spent the last 27 years of my life not knowing about these and then last year I bought a pair on a whim. TRUE BLISS occurred and I will never go back. Great for brides and bridesmaids sore feet as well!
  3. My third favorite thing I love for the water is… a creative and fun bride and groom!! My couple wake boarded for their first dance 2 years ago!

My Favorite Things.. Part 3

My computer, Iphone and Ipad…
Yes I will admit it, I Love technology and specifically my Apple Products. I feel in love about 5 years ago and do not think there is any turning back now! I love how they all perfectly sync together perfectly, I love how they all serve their seperate functions and make my job as a wedding planner so much easier. I am excited to implement my ipad more! I have had it for a while, but now I have all of my photos on it and am learning new tricks! I do not think that you need many accesorries for these technology wonders, but here are a few of my favorites…

  1. I love my pink Speck Laptop cover… Not only for the color, but because it prevents cracks and scratches as I throw it in my purse.
  2. I think an arm band for your iphone is key if you are using it while walking or working out. I love to just put on my tunes and get a good sweat!
  3. I love this Speck Ipad Cover, I do not have this… Yet, but I love the stylish look!
  4. I recently bought Things for my Mac and my iphone and it has created a whole new level of organization for myself.

My Favorite Things

I love the holidays and I wanted to start a series of posts called “My Favorite Things” to let you know a little bit about me and to show you some fun gift ideas along the way (and I like the title because it reminds me of Oprah!) So tag along for the next 7 days and hopefully you will learn a little bit about me and find some great last minute gift’s!!

My first favorite thing (and these are in no particular order.. I do not want to offend my dog) is my precious pooch Tiki! The Lasting Impressions family this year has all become dog lovers. Andrea adopted her wonderful Stella and Brooke adopted Drama this past fall! I grew up not being an animal lover. I lived on a farm and had a lot of stray cats and a few dogs, but none that I could not live without. All of that changed when Andy and I added Tiki into our lives 2 weeks after we were married. We found a great breeder and went and picked her out and the rest is history. It feels funny to be “one of those people” who is very attached to their dog.. but I am!

My favorite Things for Tiki:


  1. I never see things for Tiki and think.. I have to get that.. until I saw this “Holiday Meal” from Target. Unfortuantely it was sold out right away, but I think this is one of the cutest toys I have ever seen!
  2. Her “Aberdoggie and Fetch” Sweatshirt. As much as I could have seen myself being one of those dog owners who dresses their dogs.. I am not. My husband would not allow it and quite frankly I like to save my money for my own clothes. But last winter we realized that she was getting very cold in our house and outside in the snow, so we ran up to Lulu and Luigi and bought her this warm sweatshirt and now she runs to me when I want to put it on her. She loves it!
  3. INTERACTIVE RIPPYS – This is what Tiki is getting this year for Christmas (Dont tell her!). These dog toys have detachable arms and legs for them to get “pulled apart”.
  4. Dog Life Jacket in Pink Polka Dot – This again is something that my husband, family and firends laughed at. But there has been more than one occasion where Tiki has decided to go overboard in a boat or pool and this makes me feel a lot more secure in her floating abilities!

Thank you Kelly Brown Weddings for the family portrait

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